Heat Pumps

Affordable Heat Pumps for your home on the South Coast

A Heat Pump is a low-carbon method of generating hot water for your home. They allow you to generate your own renewable heat so you can save money on your energy bills.

Hot water created by your heat pump can then be used to warm your home through traditional radiators or through Underfloor Heating.

Heat Exchange Pumps are more energy efficient and cleaner compared to traditional gas boilers:

  • They use renewable energy sources 3-5 times more efficiently
  • Heat Pumps offer 30 – 50% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Low noise and unobtrusive and easy to install
  • Reduces Carbon Emissions to Zero Depending on your choice of Heat Pump.

How does it work?

Outside air is drawn into the Heat Pump. This air is cold compared to the air inside your home, however, it’s warm enough to make the refrigerant in the system evaporate into a gas.

This gas is then compressed, which increases its pressure and causes the temperature to rise. The heat from this hot gas is transferred into your home’s central heating or hot water system.

The gas falls in temperature as the heat is transferred into the home and the refrigerant subsequently returns to a liquid state.

The refrigerant returns to the outside heat exchange pump and the process repeats itself until your house or water is at the desired temperature.

In the summer, your heat pump will keep producing hot water, but you can use an Air Conditioning System to keep your home cool.

Why choose a Heat Pump?

Heat Pumps are becoming more and more popular as they’re more beneficial than gas boilers. They’re the most cost-effective and renewable energy source for heating and cooling air in the home, as well as heating water all year round.

The Financial Gain

When you have your Heat Pumps installed by Recycled Air, you can expect to see a 30-40% reduction in your annual energy bills.