Maintenance & Servicing

Servicing your Air Conditioning and Heat Exchange Systems

Modern Air Conditioning Units and Heat Pump Systems will save you money on your energy bills each month, but they need to be maintained to ensure they keep on performing.

Dust, dirt and bacteria can build up inside the system and will put a strain on your unit, meaning your system will need to work harder. Overworked Air Conditioning Units and Heat Pumps won’t perform as well and may cause your energy bills to rise.

How often should my air conditioning unit be serviced?

You should service your Air Conditioning Units and Heat Pumps once a year.

Why you should service your system:

Keep the system clear from dust and dirt building up inside, ensuring a longer life.

Clogged systems require more power and will cost you more money.

In the unlikely event of faults, services will pick up on these so you can claim them back on your warranty.

Why choose Recycled Air for your servicing?

Recycled Air prides itself on fantastic customer service. We put you and your home first, making sure your Air Con and Heat Pump systems are working to their full potential.

We don’t only service systems that we’ve installed though, we’re happy to service existing systems too!

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